Fresh Cutz : Hip Hop Artistry

Fresh Cutz Hip Hop Artistry


Fresh Cutz Hip Hop Artistry by Peace Love Productions was the first any only 2 CD set by PLP. Disc 1 contained the ACIDized wav loops and Disc 2 the Recycle Rex loops. This is the last PLP pack produced in Madison WI. At the time I was still living in Madison and Bernard in Bensenville IL so we could both work on packs from our homes. I moved back to Chicago IL shortly after producing this pack. Times were getting tough in Madison and so I took a hiatus from PLP for the entire year of 2004.\



Original Copy:
Fresh Cutz Hip Hop Artistry Inside

This Hip Hop bundle is an arsenal of funky beats, deep boomin’ bass, cinematic and epic soundscapes, Jazz and Funk cut ups, Turntablist’s FX and scratches, and catchy synth hooks. It covers it all from Old Skool to New Skool and from underground to Top 40. Styled after the likes of Dj Shadow, Neptunes, Dj Food, and Timbaland to name a few. Available as a download in ACIDized .wav format.

We’ve compiled five separate download packs to build this collection for you. You’ll find all of the latest and greatest Hip Hop loops and samples right here. Sounds like Dirty South, Southern Gansta Beats, 50 Cent, Three 6 Mafia and on the lighter side, Missy Elliot, Tribe Called Quest, and Common. It’s all there but it’s up to you to put the pieces back together.

Hip Hop Loops, Samples, and Beats: This collection contains over 300 loops and samples. You’ll get beats, basses, synths, scratches, brass, pianos, and more. It’s all there to get you started producing Hip Hop right away.

You Get: 575 loops and samples on 2 CDs .rx2 and ACIDIZED .wav format
38 Ambient
38 Basses
221 Beats and Drums
84 Synths
50 Hip Hop and Funk Cut Ups
11 Guzheng (Chinese Zither performed by Bradley Fish)
34 Hits
63 Turntable Scratches
36 Sound FX

Year Released: 2003

Producer: Donnelly & Turek

Label: Peace Love Productions


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