Sony Trance NRG2 Loops

The follow up to our extremely successful release Trance NRG.

Original Copy:

Sony Creative Software and Peace/Love Productions are calling you back out to the floor with Trance NRG2, a fresh new table of enticing synthetic elements that epitomize the top-selling PLP approach to library design and execution. Enjoy the kind of construction kit that makes Sony Sound Series libraries the most versatile collections of loops and samples available: folders packed full of beats, basslines, pads, leads, arpeggios, SFX and more, all designed to meld seamlessly in ACID software and all devices that import .wav files. Use these Trance NRG2 molecules as building blocks for making progressive dance, trance, and techno tracks, or combine them with our other PLP offerings for a neck-knocking urban flavor. The Sony Sound Series catalog contains thousands of fusible particles for an unlimited number of explosive combinations! Get busy mixing up yours.

Year Released: 2002

Producer: Donnelly & Turek (Peace Love Productions)

Label: Sonic Foundry / Sony Creative


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