Techno Trance Blaster Loops and Samples

PLP Techno Trance Blaster Loops and Samples

Techno Trance Blaster like many PLP releases was a first of it’s kind paving the path for new sample companies. There was absolutely nothing like this collection at the time. This was an extremely popular loop pack. One of our top sellers for sure.

Original Copy:

Do you like it Hard? This double CD set is BANGIN’ and RUDE. It’s a complete construction kit that provides synths, basslines, beats, guitar noise, vocals, dj scratches, and more. A double CD packed with both .rx2 (for Reason) and acidized .wav for Hard Acid Techno and Hard Trance.

Basses Folder – 45 (41 mb) bass loops
Drums Folder – 237 (176 mb) Drums and percussion loops
Feedback Folder – 6 (3 mb) Feedback FXs
Guitar FX Folder – 11 (13 mb) Electric Guitar Washes
SFX Folder – 8 (5 mb) Sound FX and Swooshes
Synths Folder – 309 (593 mb) FX, Pads, Trance Synths, Techno Synths, Rude Synths, and Sweeps
Turntable FX – 6 (9 mb) Club style Dj scratch patterns
Vocal FX Folder – 7 (6 mb) Processed Vocal FX

See what the pros say about PLP loops:
“If you are sampling and using any sort of sample cd’s….you should be using stuff from Peace Love Productions. ALL their cd’s are BANGIN ! I’ve been using their stuff for years in many of my productions and remixes. I use ACID all the time and having PLP loops makes it easy to come up with some hot tracks ! I hate to give away one of my secrets, but if you get some of their awesome cd’s- you’ll see what I mean. On top of having some of the best sounds around- I still cant understand why they are so inexpensive…these are easily worth as much as other similar sample cd’s sold for 4 times the price.” – Jason Nevins
Nevins has remixed names such as Janet Jackson, and Duran Duran to name a few.

Year Released: 2005

Producer: Donnelly/Turek

Label: Peace Love Productions


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