Trance NRG Loops and Samples

Sonic Foundry Trance NRG

Trance NRG was the first Trance loop pack on the Sonic Foundry label. In fact it may have been one of the first Trance loop packs ever. This one of the most successful releases PLP has produced for Sonic Foundry.

Original Copy:

Get ready for a total metamorphosis of your mind, body, and soul! Sony Creative Software and Peace/Love Productions present the Trance NRG collection, a complete construction kit for crafting progressive hard trance music and bangin’ NRG tracks. The veteran PLP sound designers are masters of dance music creation, construction kit design, and the ACID® software creative process. The Trance NRG library unifies these skills in a balanced set of do-it-yourself beats, crisp arpeggios, long sweeps, saturated leads, clean basses, and club-style scratches. Pick loops with complex, full-bodied structures for making quick tracks on demand, or dive in and start from scratch with minimal beat component loops and their one shot counterparts – the Trance NRG kit will take you as deep as you need to go! Let the power of raw Trance NRG loops tap your sensory cortex and invert your body into a parallel world where only pulsating waves of sound and light exist!
Year Released: 2002

Producer: Donnelly & Turek (Peace Love Productions)

Label: Sonic Foundry / Sony Creative


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